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released September 2, 2011

All music written and performed by ANNELIESE. Music recorded and engineered by Josh Schroeder of Random Awesome! Studio.



all rights reserved


ANNELIESE Henry, Tennessee

Anneliese is stepping it up to the next level. From major influences of August Burns Red, they've brought something different to the metal genre, an organic sound. There are plans to start touring again in early 2012. This is a metal band building a new people, inspiring new lives. This is the great persuasion ... more

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Track Name: Benevolence
You're senses are bleak, without compassion. Mundane is your attention. Look higher. What are you, who are you now? Take up your beating heart O man of stone. Where is the warmth of your voice, where is the word that can give them love? (Pick it up!) Don't be biased, mercy's free, speaking out of ignorance like a disease. Don't be biased, speak from your empathies. Show this acceptance. (Drop it!) Circumstantial prejudice fills your lungs. Circumstantial prejudice drowns your tongue. Let your lips be full of peace, let your heart be full of grace. Only His love can change, can save, only His blood can change, can save them. So close your mouth and count to ten. Tame your tongue, show them this peace inside.
Track Name: Stray
Now you're out riding fences. Still believing that you're living. Acting like some self-righteous man full of self regret. Brother don't wander on the path that is easy. Lust for the world has made you blind. You've became fake and hollow. Yes, you. Masquerade yourself as you will but I know the Maker's heart. He holds the victory. All evil will receive it's due in due time. By His sufficient grace we're pushing up hill. Can't you see that life is more. More than what you think you are holding.
Track Name: Consonance
I will sound a symphony. Brushed in notation, blood key, by the crimson ink of the merce seat. Sounding to change the world all. Tension, suspension, release. Orchestration. Shaken foundations, running, the foot cannot grasp what is unfounded. Quakes in the secret place always uncovers the slip. Broken heart, falling is inevitable living on the fault lines. Hidden city, rebuild in ink bled, build on the Rock by this song. Blameless. Correction maybe you. Redemption. Your life is waiting. Reconciliation. (Oh!) Dig deep and you will find the muse, Crevaces aren't anything new. We share pain, share the same, in this we're all the same. We share the pain hand in hand. O the brokeness! So let this be the anthem that you need to fight it back! Sacrifice seen relevent by the need of red vibrations. (So) dig deep, drown the dissonance, drink deep the forgiving pitch. I hear an endless chorus singing a crimson symphony. "We are many, we are one, Forever live our harmony." Jesus, you are the only true harmony for us all.
Track Name: Keeper
Where have we gone, sons of peace? Where has the authenticity gone, sons of love? With words like a vipers bite, we pass down pain, a venom in the vains, a poison perpetuated! When will He see it end? When will the body stop hurting itself in vain defense? We're only swelling the tide for the lot us! Arrogant feet run swift toward an open fail, proud lips speak quickly an open shame. No matter the cover or the imperfection will be exposed. It's in weakness, openness, that real strength's found. So for heaven's sake keep yourselves honestly. Tear back the pretense, tear back the cover. Carve yourselves against the grain. Turn and restore, yourself and another, to the heart of a Savior. Glorify our beautfiul Maker. Savor the presence saving us from ourselves, the Father who restores all of our lives.
Track Name: Cliffhanger
Day after day, you make the same mistakes. Constantly dragging yourself through the filth that you've made. Do you recollect what you've said calling out His name? "Father, Messiah, Great Teacher. Teach me how to accept Your love." When with one slip and gravity does the rest, you keep living on earth's edge. Now low, fallen you keep digging until rock bottom, Honey. But know this. But know this. You're never too far gone, no never. Sister, reclaim your purities. Stand, reclaim your respects, lifting your head up high. Grace will answer you, grace will call your name. Grace will answer you again. (Go) Shout it aloud! Don't hold back now, the guilt in your heart. Quit pointing the finger, denying the blame of your own decisions. Tear them, three words, tell them from your hollow chest. Submissive, passive choice to another, shallowed, you've been empty. So open wide.